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Registration fee

Early Bird | Received until May 14, 2021 (inclusive)
UDS 55
USD 65
Residents and Medicine Students
UDS 30
USD 38

Instructive registration

Before you register, please read the following instructions:

The site will be open for registration between October 5th 2020 and May 23rd 2021 (included).

  1. The period for receiving presentations is from October 5th until November 15th 2020.


  2. To start your registration you must choose a category of Participant, then complete all the fields of the registration form.
  3. Please, create your own account with user name and password. This will aloud you to submit your presentations.
  4. Once the data is completed in the form (The values ​​and categories are detailed in the table). You will receive an email with the data entered in the registration.
  5. Whe you select your attendee category and you are ready to pay, you will be redirected to the PAYPAL site. In order to complete your payment, you must have a PAYPAL account.
  6. Once you complete your payment you will be redirected to the “SUBMIT PRESENTATION” site.
  7. If you fill the form but not complete the payment immediately, you must wait 24 hours in order to make a new registration and complete the PAYPAL payment.
  8. In case you need an invoice for your registration, please contact Daniela Villarroel (
  9. If you have any difficulties or questions, you can consult our contact form.

Resident and Medicine Student
PayPal – USD 38
Paypal – USD 65

If you are already registered enter your email and password

1 ° Enter your username and password to enter the site
2 ° Once logged in, click on the Pay button in the category that corresponds to you

Now you can pay by Bank Transfer

If you have problems with your registration and / or payment, please write to

For UC academics and / or residents, who have the approval of their Head of Department or Unit to make the registration payment with departmental funds, ENTER HERE
* Consider that you need the name of the department to which it belongs, name of the person who authorizes payment or Head of department or unit, email of the person who authorizes and also the cost center for the collection.