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Facing challenging scenarios in medical residency education

We understand that this has been a complex period which has led us to update our way to teach, to create new ways of evaluation, new ways to encourage our resident’s well-being, new strategies for taking care of our patients and resident’s safety. We were led to have another look at our programs and to adjust our clinical rotations without affecting our education quality.

The abstract reception period has expired

During these moments of worldwide changes and uncertainty, we would like to invite you to share your experience at the 1st virtual Latin American encounter on Residency Education.

What kind of innovations have been useful for us? Could those innovations be useful for others as well?

We are inviting everyone who is interested in Residency Education and other healthcare professionals to submit your work to be presented during this conference, that will take place on May 26th and 27th 2021.

The overviews can be written either in English or Spanish.

Every selected work will be presented during the conference on pre-recorded video format with a maximum of 10 minutes’ length.

The period of reception of presentations is from: period is now closed. 

Only the presentations sent through this site will be accepted. We won’t accept any kind of document sent through e-mail.

The file you send must be a Word document (.doc) in the following format:

Font: Calibri, Font size: 12, Space: 1.5, Upper and lower margin: 2.5, Sides margin: 2.0.

Maximum 300 words (not including title or authors)


Keep the following format:

1. Work title in Capital letter.

2. Authors and affiliation: last name, first name of the main author and co-authors. (e.g. Smith Robert, Corgan William, Gordon Kimberly). Underline who will be presenting. Affiliation and country (e.g. XX University, Brazil)

Main author and presenter e-mail

3. The overview must contain: objective, method, result, discussion and conclusions.

Overviews that contains the following phrase (or similar): “results to be presented and discussed during the presentation” won’t be accepted. (results must be included on the overview).

4. Please include two (2) key words.