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Facing challenging scenarios in medical residency education

We’ve been living on a very special period, where we have faced important challenges in every life’s aspect.

As an educational community, we have learned how to adapt and create new ways of teaching and evaluating our students. Also we had to increase adaptability and overlook our programs in order to reach, through new ways, the academic excellency that we aim for.

This challenge is not only about the academic aspect but also about the wellbeing of our teachers and residents.

This 1st Virtual Latin American Encounter in Residency Education: FACING CHALLENGING SCENARIOS IN MEDICAL RESIDENCY EDUCATION, expects to be an instance where we can share experiences and groundbreaking ideas on how we deal with this new way of educating our residents and promoting their wellbeing during this period of crisis.

Este primer Encuentro Virtual Latinoamericano en Educación de Residentes está dirigido a todos aquellos profesionales con interés en perfeccionarse en docencia de especialidades médicas y de otras carreras de la salud, y para residentes y alumnos de estos programas.

The Encounter in Residency Education is oriented toward every professional interested in following a medical specialty and other health care field teaching career and for residents of these programs.

The encounter will take place on May 26th and 27th 2021. In the morning.

During both mornings, we’ll be starting our sessions with a plenary conference given by internationally recognized speakers regarding the encounter’s two main topics:

“Leading residency education during uncertain periods” and “How to manage our resident’s wellbeing during times of crisis”

In addition, we will have parallel sessions for smaller groups, round tables on highly-interesting topics and a section for presenting scientific studies/works/presentations (for more details see “instructions for submitting presentations”)

We invite you to actively participate and share your experience on the 1st Virtual Latin American Encounter in Residency Education, on May 2021!